The Youngest had a fever last night, so today was deemed “in the house day.” She was pretty cranky, so I decided to whip up a batch of this fun “paint” due to the great success we had with the sidewalk paint last week. I had found the recipe over at Family Education last week, and yesterday I got some paintbrushes at the Dollar Tree, so we were set.

1 cup powdered laundry soap
1/2 cup cold water
Electric mixer or wire whisk
Food coloring (optional)
Heavy paper or cardboard

Beat or whisk cold water and laundry soap together until stiff.
Add food coloring or leave white if using colored paper.
Paint with a brush or use as finger paint on heavy paper or cardboard.
Let dry flat.

The kids had a blast! Even the Oldest got involved, and he made 2 pictures that are now drying in his room. The Youngest did well too, and the paper I bought at Ikea over the weekend held up very well to her spills and ‘layering.’