The Youngest was not feeling well this morning. She has been battling a throat infection which then morphed into a sinus infection while on antibiotics, so we had to switch her medications. She goes from feeling really well to being tired, and this morning was one of the “tired” moments.

I decided to forgo our usual walk to the park, play, walk home, do a craft, nap routine and just laze around. So, in addition to working on her letters and animal recognition at the Fisher Price website , I gathered up some leftover Christmas ribbon and made her a wand. I told her that it was a wand with special powers to make her feel better, and that whenever she was feeling badly, she could use her wand. She, of course, paid no attention to me and just had me hold the wand so that she could take the ribbon and stretch it out instead. :-)

I took some old brown pipe cleaner (2) and spun them together to make the stick, and then I took the ribbon and used scissors to curl them. I tied them together in the middle, knotted the middle around one top end of the pipe cleaner, and then folded that end over (to keep the metal ends from scratching her). And, there you have it!