Valentines for Classmates that Kids Can Make… and Other Stuff

I spent the weekend making valentines with The Oldest, because this year I finally had time to do that instead of stopping off at the store to pick up the ready-made ones. I figure I have only a year or so left before he declares the idea of giving valentines “stupid,” so I wanted to make the most of it this year.

We kept it simple, cutting out hearts and then taping lollipops to them. I wrote the “Happy Valentine’s Day,” and he wrote the different student’s names and signed them. He also glued on the circles he punched out from , so he had a great time.

Then I was wondering what to do with the leftover construction paper? Well, it only took me a few minutes to decide to give them to The Youngest and she what she came up with.

She decided to tear the pieces and glue them onto paper with some glitter. It was very messy, but she got to experience all sorts of different textures, and she experimented with what happens depending on how you use the glue.

She had a good time with this project.

After I picked up The Oldest from school, I decided I had to do something valentineish for him, so I gave him a snack of cut up apples in heart patterned muffin wrappers. I put some peanut butter in a single one and arranged them all in a heart shape on a plate. I got the idea from a while ago and just never found a time to do it. He loved it, and ate every bite.

Now to think up a new project to do…

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