Leprechaun Traps

The Older spent a great deal of time this week making his Leprechaun trap.  Last year we created one together, but this year he was determined to do it on is own “since last year we didn’t catch anything!”

This is the trap we made last year.

It was a lot of fun to make, and consisted of felt and a canister of oatmeal. Super easy!

This is The Older’s trap this year.

He took a big pot “so the leprechaun can’t climb out,” and covered it with black construction paper.  He then took some coins and wrapped them in yellow construction paper so that he could “fool them into thinking there is gold!”  He then covered the top of the pot with black paper, set the coins on top, and made a ladder out of crayons so the leprechauns could get to the gold, thus falling through a slit he had in the paper.

Unfortunately, the sly little devils got away this year too and left behind some chocolate coins, glitter, and some Irish-themed buttons for him to wear today.

This year they came in through the window!  It’s hard to see, but there is glitter, a dead giveaway that the little guys where here.

Just so you know, the leprechauns did not leave the coins in a straight line, nor did they leave the Starburst.  It was mysteriously set up this way when I got up in the morning… The Older seems to like getting up in the dead of night and arranging things the way he likes it!

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