It was a dreary day, so I decided to pull out the paints again for The Younger.  She hopped up on her chair with so much excitement that I realized I’d have to figure out a bunch of painting projects for us to do every week!

I was going to let her “be messy” and have her use only her hands, but she started yelling “Brush, brush, brush,” and I realized she wanted the toothbrush to use.  I decided that, in addition to that, I’d get her a few other things to experiment with too.

The cookie cutter would have been easier to use if I’d had a bigger plate for the paint, but she manged.

Spoons were a big hit too, which surprised me.

Cotton balls were well received.

Then she decided to use the toothbrush on the cotton balls which fascinated her.

A plastic spreader was fun to use, but she wasn’t as thrilled with it as she was with the other items.