Today I was pressed for time between the gym and work. I decided to set up some painting for The Younger because she seems to be happiest when she’s painting, and this falls into the category of one of my favorite activities for toddlers.

I set up everything we needed which only took about 2 minutes. I like to use different things when we do this, because she is always amazed at the different patterns she can come up with. I managed to find two cars from The Older’s room that had been unpacked (and I had seen this idea on Mess For Less and thought is was great!), so I grabbed those along with some stamps and a paint brush.

At first she stuck with the stamps, and I think that’s because she was familiar with those tools.

I let her experiment for bit with those, and then showed her how to run the truck through the paint and how the tires made different patterns. Boy, did she get into it!

I find this activity so much fun! I love watching her come up with all sorts of different pictures and just love the way she gets so excited when discovering something new. Most of all, it’s easy and a quick clean up :-)