One of my favorite crafts to do during the holidays is to make handprint wreaths. These are great to keep year to year to see just how much growing your little one has done through the years, and the kids really like to compare their handprints to years past too.

All you need for this craft is a pair of scissors, pencil, green construction paper, glue, and a red bow (or red construction paper to make the bow). You can also decorate the wreath with pom-poms, glitter, stickers, etc., but those aren’t necessary.

Start by tracing your kiddo’s hand.  A good number of handprints to have are around 10, but you can adjust that depending on how big you want your wreath.

At this point you cut all those little hands out. If your child is older, they can help too. If not, you can keep them busy by having them try to trace their own hand ;-)

Once you have all the hands cut out, lay them in a wreath shape with the wrists overlapping a bit (so you can glue them).

Add your red bow to the bottom of the wreath, and now you have a Christmas wreath that will last for years!

She was so proud of this. I almost couldn’t convince her to let me hang it on the window!