Bubble Wrap Valentine’s Day Craft

We have this big roll of bubble wrap here in our garage, and I’ve been trying to come up with a way to use it. I’ve heard great things about painting with bubble wrap, so I decided to try this today with The Younger. I cut some bubble wrap into a square and then set out the tempera paint and some brushes.

I put each color in a separate Dixie cup, and then showed her how to paint the bubbles. She was so excited! I should have known that the activity would take a different turn, and it did. She just wanted to mix all the colors in the cups, so I let her go to town and do whatever she wanted. Messy? Yes. Fun? Yes yes yes!!!!

This is her final masterpiece. She loved the way the colors mixed, and I have to say I think it’s pretty amazing myself. Biased maybe, but whatever ;-)

I was going to cut this into a heart shape, but then I had a much better idea. I cut hearts out of construction paper, lay them on the bubble wrap, and then lifted them up to create these:

She had a great time doing this, and she was thrilled that I didn’t have to “destroy” her final masterpiece after all…

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