Valentine Heart Craft for Kids

I wanted to get a jump on Valentines Day because lately I seem to be surprised when holidays roll around. This year I’m hoping to do handmade valentines for The Older’s classmates, and I thought about what would be easy and fun for him.

This seemed like an easy Valentines Day craft for preschoolers and older kids, so I set up The Younger and let her go to work to test my theory. Supplies are easy:

  • Glitter Glue
  • Tempera Paint
  • Construction Paper
  • Marbles
  • Plastic Cups (or other containers)
  • Box or Baking Dish or Bucket
  • Scissors

I put the paint/glue into different plastic cups, then placed a marble in. I cut out some hearts, lined the bottom of our plastic bucket, and then The Younger chose which color she wanted to use. I dropped the marble in the bucket on top of the heart, and then she rolled the marble back and forth to make designs on the hearts.

When we were done, we set the finished products out to dry. She’s excited to hang them up when they’re done, and I think I might string them together and hang them from the window. For the classroom, I think I’ll have The Older write his message on the hearts in marker, then do the designs… Or maybe the other way, with the design first? I’m not sure. Always up for experimenting!

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