The Younger is sick, so I haven’t been able to do much in the way of posting. I thought I’d pull out an old one from the archives to share for now :-)

I’m trying to get a jump on the next holiday!  The Oldest loves the idea of leprechauns and magic, so this is a great holiday for him.  The Youngest, of course, just enjoys doing anything crafty, so she is easy to please.

I started out by cutting green hearts out of construction paper.  I did it the easy way; fold paper in half, cut half a heart shape, then open.  I let her use the glue stick again and the glitter, and I gave her the hearts one at a time so she wasn’t overwhelmed.

She really liked the different colored glitter (gold and some white left over from Christmas), and she spent a good deal of time putting glue on the paper, dumping the glitter on, then rubbing it to see what would happen.

When she was done decorating the clover leaves, we shook off the extra glitter, added some stickers, and then left it to dry for a bit.  When it was ready, I taped the leaflets together in the back and added a stem for her.

She had a great time, and I see us making many more of these in the weeks to come!  I have a great idea for The Oldest too, and I plan on getting that done this weekend :-)