Cypress Point Park

Another hidden treasure here in the Tampa Bay area! This park is a true jewel, and I’m so happy that we were made aware of it’s existence.

This park is amazing! It’s not crowded at all, and it’s so much closer than trekking to Clearwater or Fort de Soto when you want a quick beach fix. Not only is there the beach that has the view of the Howard Frankland bridge, but there’s also a 0.90-mile asphalt trail for biking or rollerblading (or walking) and 0.44 miles of nature trails for discovering all sorts of neat things, like dunes and wildflowers.

Amenities here at Cypress Point Park include ample parking, ADA accessibility, bicycle racks, benches, boardwalk, canoe launch and picnic pavilions, not to mention fishing, swimming, and birdwatching! You’re also so close to the airport you can watch the planes descent to Tampa International Airport.

Yes, the scenery is absolutely breathtaking (we even saw a dolphin on our last visit!) and the nature finds are pretty neat…

… But really, this is what makes the place so wonderful:

The kids just love it :-)

12 thoughts on “ Cypress Point Park

  1. What a cool find! I always love it whenever we find a little hidden jewel in our own “backyard”!! I love the picture of your beautiful kids and I am also jealous that you saw a dolphin on your last visit!! Thanks for a fun post!

  2. Aww, I hear you on that. The last picture is so cute!
    Seeing the joy on their faces truly does make just about ANYTHING worth it. :) I love it when my boys have that twinkle in their eyes of joy. Makes my heart melt.
    Looks like a fun and beautiful park. :)

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