Simple Words

We had a low-key Mother’s Day here at the house, and it was great. We cooked out with my mother and father, my MIL, and one of my best friends and her son. We hung out for hours, and it was a relaxed, laughter-filled day.

I got cards from the kids, DH prepped and cooked out as my gift, and my parents got me an awesome jogging stroller so I can walk with my mom in the mornings again. However, my favorite gift came in the form of a handwritten note from The Older:

M other I like when we make cookies together.
O ur Love
T he best thing is I love to have a Mom like you.
H ot days I like when we go into the pool together.
E xcited when I sleep with you.
R ide bikes together.”

I’m happy to know that when he thinks of me and our relationship, he’s thinking about love and all the things we do together. Nothing could make me happier than to know that my son feels loved and appreciated!

12 thoughts on “ Simple Words

  1. In our house, that card would go in the ‘keeper’ box! I have a box in our office that we put those types of things in, so I can keep them. Sometimes when I’m feeling a little ‘out of pocket’ I’ll pull that box down, to remind myself why I am here. LOL.

  2. I love the card you got!!! Those are the best gifts and the ones that just make me melt!!! Sounds like you had a great day, and I love the fact that you got to spend it with your mom and mother-in-law! Take care!

  3. wonderful—my son did a MOM plate and for the letter “O” he wrote something about outstanding butteredmashed potatoes and broccoli—its the lil things we do that have the BIGGEST effect!!! =)