Little Passports

I’m excited to begin the adventures of Little Passports again with The Older! We had a subscription for 6  months last summer, and he loved getting postcards from Sam and Sophia every month. He began to see that the world is so much bigger than our little corner of Florida, and we did a lot of “extra” things related to the countries that were featured each month. He hasn’t opened the package for this month yet so I can’t post pictures of what’s arrived, but I know it’s France! C’est magnifique, non?

I’m posting the original post I did when we started the adventures so you can see all the fabulous stuff you get. Once he opens this month’s package, I’ll get some pictures of that as well. It’s always something fun and exciting!

One of the summer goals I have for The Older is for him to learn that the world extends beyond our neighborhood, and I’ve been wondering how to teach diversity in a way he can understand and appreciate. It’s a “grown-up” concept, but it is so important given the cultural diversity of our nation and our world.

I received an offer through Mamapedia for Little Passports last month, and I read through the site with excitement because it is exactly the type of thing that will help The Older learn and have fun doing it. So, for days I’ve been running out to the mailbox waiting for the first shipment to arrive, and it finally did! I ripped open the box, and this is what we received:

How cute! It’s like a suitcase, and it reminds me of a lunchbox with the little metal handles. I opened it, and I loved what I found inside of it:

So, our adventure begins tomorrow when The Older has a day off from camp. I’m so excited to do this with him and learn about other countries as well. I have projects set up to do monthly that tie into each country we learn about, and I’m hoping that we are going to have as much fun as I think we are!

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  1. Little Passports look like just the thing for my grandkids. I’ve just checked out their site and bookmarked it for later. Thanks for the tip.

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