I print out a lot of things for The Younger to use, like worksheets, tracing patters, coloring pages, etc., and I go through so much printer paper and ink! I’ve been going broke keeping up with all the stuff I do, so I need a place that has cheap ink !

Meritline has all sorts of great stuff for a fraction of what I pay when I walk into your typical office supply store. Not only do they have ink, but they have cables, watches, luggage, media… all sorts of things that can get a person in trouble! You know how it is; you need one thing, but there are so many other great deals your shopping cart gets full? Yup, that’s me! I love sites like this one that offers all kinds of neat things, even if I get the twitchy “add to cart” finger ;-)

I found all kinds of things today, including a great kitchen scale . Since I’m now on Weight Watchers, I actually really need this… and maybe some earrings too…
Brought to you by your friends at Meritline