The Younger is fighting a nasty head cold, so last night we decided to say “no” to baseball and stay home. The kids are getting excited for Halloween, so I figured there would be no harm in starting our annual footprint ghosts a bit early.

These are easy to do (this is my second time doing this, and the kids were really excited). All this project takes is white paper, a pen, a black marker, and some scissors.

First, have the kiddo put their foot on a piece of white paper (I used copy paper, but I think I’ll try thicker paper next time), and trace the foot. Try to keep their toes together, if you can.

This is not a good example of proper foot placement, but The Older was adamant that this picture be included.

When you’re done tracing, the image should look something like this.

If they’re old enough, have them cut out the image or, if they’re young like The Younger, cut it out for them.

The Older was quite excited to do this project, and he thought long and hard about how he wanted his ghost’s face to look.

Here are their finished projects!

We added their names and the date to the back of the ghosts so that we can look back over the years and see how much their feet have grown :-) We hung them up to the window that we put the pumpkins on from earlier in the week, and now we have a real fancy window!

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