I know you aren’t going to believe this, but we haven’t seen many shows during all of our trips to Epcot. I usually reserve scheduled showtimes for us to do/see what’s in that particular country because I know the majority of people will be focused on the street shows.

Well. Was I missing out!

Sunday we got to Magic Kingdom early, rode some rides, then made our way to Epcot. I went to guest services to ask if the restaurant where we had reservations could make a grilled cheese for The Older (I advised them he was on the autism spectrum before I asked about the food, and I have to say that I was not thrilled with the way the whole thing went, but that’s for another post). While I was there, I took the schedule for the different street shows just in case, and off we went. When we were done with the front of Epcot, we discovered the fountains were closed (!), so we went to check in to lunch early. It was decided that we would try to see some of the performances, so we picked China and “The Candy Lady” in Japan.

The performances were amazing. Really, I was beyond impressed, though I’m not sure why since everything at Disney is usually perfect ;-) Our favorite in China was the mask presentation where the performer changed masks without you being able to determine how it was done. The Older stood there with his mouth open the whole time, and The Younger kept whispering “Wow… wow…”

There was also a performer who worked with glass spheres, and he was pretty terrific as well.

There were acrobatic dancers and some really great prop shows too. This event was absolutely worth the crowd to see!

Right after this performance, we had time to wander over to Japan. I had read on some message boards that you shouldn’t miss The Candy Lady, but I figured it was just an exaggeration, so I wasn’t really expecting much.

Wow! She was something else! How she was able to take a ball of grey taffy and turn it into art is beyond me, and she was a joy to watch. It was an interactive event, and she let the kids in the audience chose what she was going to make next.

Makings of a Giraffe


Finished candy requests

I can’t wait to go back and see the rest of the performances!

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