I had this great pumpkin carving idea for my preschooler. See, in Florida you can’t just carve a regular old pumpkin and leave it on your doorstep, a reality I learned when I first moved here in 2000. All you get from that is a large, wet, moldy mess on your front porch, and that’s a Halloween horror I don’t want my kids to experience. I decided a great alternative would be to get those carvable fake pumpkins from somewhere like Michaels, and then both The Older and The Younger could make their own pumpkin that would last. I’d cut out different eyes, noses, and mouths, for The Younger, and she could create the face she wanted while the older drew his own.

I started out with these, and The Younger got to work, creating all the different pumpkin faces her little mind could come up with.

However, as all projects do, this one took a different turn when she realized that what fun it was to make pumpkin faces! So, I furiously continued to cut out pumpkins and the shapes she called out, such as “Circle eyes! Square nose! EARS!”

With all these pumpkins, we decided to put some in the windows so everyone could see her creations.

Now I get to look forward to repeating the activity again this afternoon when The Older comes home from school, because once he sees these he’s going to want to make his own. I’d better get to cutting!