The Daddy turned 40 yesterday, so I decided to splurge on something from Edible Arrangements . The Daddy has always been crazy about these, but I’ve cringed at the price. However, I know 40 is an important birthday, so I figured if I was going to pay for an arrangement, what better time was there than now?

I did my homework. I looked through alllllllll the arrangements online, and I found one that wasn’t too pricy (though it did still make my heart race a bit), and we could keep the ceramic holder to use as an autumn decoration.

Harvest Celebration™ in Pumpkin Keepsake

Harvest Celebration™ in Pumpkin Keepsake

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Cute, right? The only problem is that The Daddy is allergic to strawberries. There was nowhere on the site to customize the order to request no strawberries, so I looked up the nearest store, packed The Younger in the car, and off we went to see if they could make an arrangement without the berries.

We got there and the receptionist was a great help. She assured me they could make this particular product without the strawberries, and one of the creators himself came to the front to assure me that they would specify it on the ticket and substitute cantaloup or honeydew. I paid, gave the delivery date, and off we went.

I excitedly waited the morning of The Daddy’s birthday for his call to tell me it had arrived, and when he text me to let me know it was there and he loved it, he mentioned he gave the strawberries to his co-workers .

Pardon the poor image quality. The Daddy isn’t quite into presentation.

I am not a hard person to please. I let a lot of things slide in an effort to keep the peace, and I tend to look at the positive of most situations as a means of letting the negative things roll off of me. However, I cannot excuse this! Not only did I make a special trip to speak to someone in person, but it isn’t like he just doesn’t like strawberries and I asked for a substitute. An allergy is something you don’t fool around with, and it saddens me that a business wouldn’t take something like this seriously.

I plan to speak to someone today, and I’ll update once a resolution happens.

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3 Responses to Edible Arrangements – Careful!

  1. October 17, 2012 at 8:50 am

    Yes that would annoy me as well especially after the price. Someone ordered one for my husband after he retired from the Marines. She had asked him what he didn’t like (cantaloupe). I had no idea they had discussed that. Anyway I took a picture when it came in, sent it to her and said thanks letting her know that it had arrived. She was livid to see the cantaloupe on there. That’s bad customer service.

    • October 17, 2012 at 9:09 am

      Wow! I didn’t know this was such a common occurrence!

      The fruit was good and obviously fresh, but for the price I’m very disappointed that they couldn’t accommodate my request, especially after a long discussion with 2 different people. Knowing it happened with your DH as well, it doesn’t make me very confident that it wouldn’t happen in the future as well if I decided to order another one.