Food and Wine Festival- Epcot

Posted October 23rd, 2012 by Jenn

This is the first time The Daddy and I have been able to attend the Food and Wine Festival at Epcot. I’ve never felt comfortable taking the kids, and after being there without them, the feeling was solidified. It’s a whole different world at Epcot during this event! I loved it, but if I had the kids with me, I would have turned around and left the park.

The park was beautiful, of course, and the cast members were as helpful and happy as always, but the mindset seemed different to me. While the majority of people were well-behaved and in a good mood, you had some people who were loud and obnoxious, spilling drinks, and generally grouchy. The ones that really turned my stomach were the ones who were almost stumbling drunk and had babies/children with them, but luckily those were few in number.

Anyway, we had a great time! We started our day at Hollywood Studios where I finally got to see the story of Walt Disney and the Beauty and the Beast show. Admittedly HS is not my favorite park, but I enjoyed going and seeing the things I don’t get to see when the kids are with us.

That night (Friday) we went to the Polynesian for the dinner show, and that was a lot of fun!

We aren’t really sure what’s happening with The Daddy here…

The show was a bit pricy, but it was all-you-can-eat, and beer and wine were included in that. Unfortunately my timing was off (I had planned a romantic stroll down the beach to watch the Wishes fireworks, but the 8:00 show lasted much longer than I thought), and we not only missed the fireworks but also had to take the bus back to the resort along with every.single.other.guest.

Saturday was the Wine and Food Festival at Epcot. As I said it was great, but there were so many people. I was uncomfortable a lot of the time, so we left around 2:00 (after wandering through some stores and watching some movies/shows we had never seen because we’ve always had the kids), and we returned around 6:00. It was much, much better crowd-wise then, and we had dinner and strolled around the World Showcase.

Sunday we got up and went to Magic Kingdom. We got there at 9:00 and got a glimpse of the new Fantasy Land, saw a couple movies, and were finally able to see The Hall of Presidents which was amazing!

Fantasy Land at Magic Kingdom

We left the park around 11:00 (just when it started to get busy), and we went back to Epcot for our lunch reservations in Japan. The crowd level at the park was much more tolerable than it had been on Saturday, so we wandered around some more in some of the shops, and then we went for our hibachi meal.

Japan in the Wold Showcase at Epcot

The meal was fantastic, and it was a great way to end our mini-vacation. Full and happy, we left to come home and see the little people we missed so much while we were away!

All in all, I really enjoyed our stay. While I think the festival is a terrific event and is set up wonderfully, I don’t think I’d take the kids while it was occurring. Even during times of the lighter crowds, I would have been nervous having an 8-year-old and 3-year-old there. The atmosphere was just a bit too ‘off,’ and I wouldn’t want to have to explain peoples’ behavior to The Older at this point. Soon, yes, but I’d like to keep his innocence for as long as possible ;-)

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