I admit that sometimes I forget that the easiest projects are usually the funnest, and today I was reminded! I was looking for a way to occupy The Younger so I could get through the stack of Sunday newspapers and their coupons, and the magazine rack caught my eye. Collages! The Younger is working on her fine motor skills and using scissors, so this was a perfect idea for the day. I gathered the few things I’d need (scissors for me to help her, glue sticks, her safety scissors, construction paper, magazines), and we went out on the back deck for some fun!

As I helped her and attempted to cut out pictures of cute animals and such, I realized that she had a completely different idea; where I saw neat cutouts of pictures that sparked her interest, she saw an opportunity to just cut things and use the pieces as her art.

After she arranged everything the way she wanted, it was time to glue.

She was pretty serious about her project, and by this time I had managed to go through 2 Sunday papers and cut out the coupons I needed. By the time I finished all 5 papers and organized my coupons, her project was done.

This was a great project to do, especially while I was involved in doing some of the same things she was (cutting, arranging). She felt like we were creating together, and I got to get something done that I had needed to do for a while. Best of all I got to spend time with her and watch her creative process, something that never gets boring!!!