As I said earlier, we were one of the first people to eat at Be Our Guest restaurant. I was so excited, because this is the real thing I’ve been waiting for all this time!

The sign outside of the Be Our Guest restaurant.

Our reservation was for 4:10 p.m., so we checked out the outside of the place before leaving.

Gargoyles line the entry bridge to the restaurant

Entryway to Be Our Guest restaurant. Beautiful!

The entrance door to the castle

We returned at our assigned time and were led right into the castle. I was in awe from the moment we stepped inside, because it was exactly how I imagined the inside of the Beast’s castle to look! Marble floors and columns, the tables topped with ‘silver’ mugs, napkins folded to look like roses, candles… and the chandelier! WOW! The ceiling was done to look exactly like the movie (cherubs), and outside the “windows” was a village scene complete with snowfall!

Tabletop at Be Our Guest

The amazing chandelier!

We ordered beer from the menu and were excited to see that they were French-based. The kids were happy with the choices on the kid’s menu, and the chef even came out to speak to us personally about The Older’s grilled cheese we had asked about. (He assured us it could be done but explained they didn’t have American cheese to use. I found that amusing seeing as we were in a French-themed venue).

Here’s the full menu from Be Our Guest

The amazing beer and wine list from Be Our Guest. Nice!

The Daddy ordered the Pork dish, and I ordered Ratatouille. Both were amazing!

Pork dish. Melted in your mouth!

The vegetables were delicious!

After our meal we asked if we could visiting the other side of the castle, the West Wing. Wow, was it thrilling! It was dark and decorated like you would imagine the sad West Wing to be, and there were some surprises! I wasn’t allowed to take flash photography, so the quality isn’t what I’d like, but you get the idea ;-)

The torn portrait of the West Wing!

Awww, the Rose!

When it was time to leave, I was so sad! I wanted to live there, but I would let the family visit whenever they wanted to :-)

Beauty and the Beast

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