We managed to get in for a sneak peak of the new Fantasyland at Walt Disney World. It was amazing and magical, and I wanted to put some pictures up so people could get an idea about what’s in store. Some of them aren’t the best since we were asked not to take flash photography, but you can get the feel for it.

This is the cottage that Bell lived in.

Inside the cottage are Maurice’s blueprints of his inventions

Books galore!

Carving in the workshop. The place was filled with blueprints and working inventions, and even some hidden Mickeys!

We all know who this is! She actually spoke, and her eyes moved! She held all the “costumes” for the interactive story with Belle.

Ah, Lumiere! He narrated the story, and did a fantastic job! He moved around and had facial expressions too!

They have parts for every child (or adult!) who wants to be in the skit (which takes place in the Library and is amazing!), and then each ‘actor’ gets to pose with Belle for a picture. Then they get an autographed bookmark!

After leaving the cottage you can wander the little “town.” It has shops, and Gaston’s Tavern where you can get some food and drink, not to mention frozen apple juice with whipped toasted marshmallow topping!

The inside of the tavern is done in dark wood and hosts tables and chairs like you would think would be inside a little town’s tavern. There was also Gaston’s chair you can sit in and take pictures of, and a fireplace. The fireplace flames are actually holograms. It’s pretty amazing.

I love how Disney makes everything so authentic! The streets were filled with horseshoe impressions.

We decided to check out the Castle and take a tour of the restaurant. What a surprise to find out we could actually EAT there; it was their opening day!

Stay tuned for pictures of the restaurant. It was absolutely amazing, and I have to say that I’m pretty sure that’s where we’re going to eat almost every time we go to Disney. They even lifted their 40-year ban on alcohol sales in the castle, and I got to try authentic French beer. Yum!

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