Okay, maybe not reusing the actual items, but their containers!

The Daddy and I cleaned out the refrigerator and pantry, combining things and getting rid of the boxes that were left open by little hands and thus allowing the contents to get stale. I was, as usual, annoyed at the amount of waste and the amount of trash we created. Even though the majority of it went into the recycle bins, I was thinking about possible uses for it still, and then it occurred to me: Why not give some of the boxes and bottles to The Younger?

I cleaned them all, set them up in the den, and pulled out the cash register she got for Christmas last year. I figured she could play “store” and be the checkout girl while I finished cleaning the kitchen, and when I called her in she was so excited to play with everything. What I didn’t expect was that she wanted to be the bag girl, not the cashier ;-)

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