The Younger still doesn’t understand what Valentine’s Day really is, so I’ve been doing little things here and there to teach her about the day. I don’t actually celebrate it myself, but I do like teaching her about different holidays and peoples’ beliefs.

I decided on an easy valentine craft which I saw somewhere (can’t remember where so I can’t cite it), and she was game to try it :-) This is our cute butterfly!

The Younger chose the colors for the body and the wings, and then I let her go to town.

First she painted the body (which is a toilet paper roll) while I cut out the heart wings. Then we let the body dry while she decorated the wings, and I made antennae out of a black pipe cleaner.

Decorating with foam stickers from Dollar Tree

Beginning to end, I think this may have taken 20 minutes. It was easy, and The Younger got to do most of the things herself which made her feel like a big girl :-) I cut and taped the wings onto the tube, drew the face, and secured the antennae for her, but other than that this project was all her! This guy has been flying around the house since we created him, and he even watches her while she colors. He’s her pal!

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