This past weekend we went back to Magic Kingdom. We got there early and went right over to Frontier Land to ride Big Thunder Mountain now that The Younger is tall enough (yay!), and then we decided to try out the newest interactive adventure in Adventure Land! A Pirate’s Adventure: Treasures of the Seven Seas is similar to the Magic Sorcerer’s game and the Phineas and Ferb game in that it’s great for kids and adults and is completely interactive, but it’s also a bit different because it’s not as ‘complicated,’ it’s very easy for the little guys, and the game doesn’t send you all over the park. We did only the first adventure due to time, and it took us all of maybe 15 minutes.

First we checked in at the little hut set up for beginning the adventure. It’s located right where Adventure land and Frontier Land join, so it’s almost impossible to miss (good thing for me since I’m directionally challenged). All it took was our admission pass for the park, and we were ‘logged in’ and ready for action!

Once you’re assigned your mission, you get a specific map (that you keep), and you’re given clues within the map. You have to find certain things around Adventure Land based on those, and when you find them, you place your admission pass on the symbol and watch the magic happen.

I liked this a lot, and it was great for us considering we didn’t have hours to play. It seemed to be geared more toward younger kids rather than older kids (I’m thinking Phineas and Ferb as a game for kids who are a bit older since there is a lot of listening to clues rather than seeing them), and I liked the fact it was contained to just a small area, especially since it was so hot out! Another hit for Walt Disney World in my opinion!

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