NaNoWriMo Synopsis

Posted October 22nd, 2013 by Jenn


Sixteen-year-old Jordan Matthews is eagerly awaiting the start of her junior year of high school. She’s excited about getting her drivers license, happy to be an upperclassman, and thrilled that the end of her high school career is in sight.

Her future changes one summer night when the police arrive to take her mother away in handcuffs and Children’s Services sends her to live with her aunt in the prestigious town of Cooper’s Landing. Unfortunately, Jordan’s aunt isn’t one of the elite citizens; she lives in the outskirts of town and cleans the large mansions, and Jordan quickly learns that being the niece of a lowly housekeeper doesn’t help her achieve popularity with the other kids in town.

When her aunt gets sick and can’t keep up with her workload, Jordan is forced to help her even though she’s mortified at the thought. She manages to keep herself from getting noticed until she finds herself at the Holloway mansion, home of one of the most popular junior boys. While scrubbing the kitchen floor, Clayton Holloway comes home early from school with a group of friends, and Jordan knows her life going to fall apart.

Or is it? Although ashamed and embarrassed, Jordan begins to be accepted by the ‘inner circle’ and starts making friends. As she gets closer and the trust between them grows, Jordan discovers that these privileged kids aren’t at all what they seem, and some of them are hiding secrets even darker than her own. She starts to feel that maybe the move to Cooper’s Landing wasn’t such a bad thing, until the truth beneath her new friends’ motives rise to the surface and she’s left to question everything, including the relationship she has with her own mother and her growing feelings for Clayton Holloway himself.

Release Me is a tale of personal growth, family loyalty, and the tests of friendship and first love.

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  1. mkthiru

    Wow! This seems like an incredible storyline. Looking forward to see how it unfolds! :)

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