I’ve been promising The Younger that we would do our thankful turkeys, but we’ve been so busy getting everything ready for the Cub Scout camping weekend, I didn’t have time before today.

This was super easy to make, and both The Younger and The Older had so much fun making them! All you need is construction paper, paper bags (the lunch size ones), glue, a pen, old newspaper, and some googly eyes (if you want them).

First cut out the ‘feathers.’ I tried to keep them fall colored, but The Older made his with each color of the rainbow…

Once the ‘feathers’ are all cut out, have the kids think of what they’re thankful for this year. Have them (or you) write down each thing on one of the ‘feathers.’

After that, trace your child’s hand on a piece of construction paper to use at the turkey ‘feet,’ then cut that out.

Stuff the lunch bag with balled up newspaper halfway (bottom of the bag facing upwards with the flap  opening towards you). Fold the bottom half of the bag the opposite direction of the flap (away from you), and then glue the wrist section of the hand cutout to the bottom portion.

This gives the turkey its ‘feet’ from the fingers of the hand cutout. Have your child glue the filled out ‘feathers’ onto the back of the turkey, add a red wattle and a cutout orange triangle for a beak, glue on the googly eyes, and voila!

We’re going to use ours as the centerpiece this year :-)