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3D Desserts from Chase

The Daddy and I went to Disney World over the weekend without the kids to celebrate our 12th anniversary. We like to go to Epcot because the Food and Wine Festival is taking place, and it’s one of our favorite events. How lucky are we that our anniversary (and The Daddy’s birthday) fall within this window?!

As usual we had a great time, and it was made even better by getting free tickets to their 3D Desserts event ! We never would have been able to go otherwise, and we have Chase to thank for it. For the first time we used the at Epcot where we were able to cool off and get free water, and while we were there we were approached by a cast member who asked what our plans were for the evening. We admitted we didn’t have any, and she presented us with two tickets for the event which of course made me tear up and gush our thanks like a fool, LOL.

It was amazing! I never knew there was a venue that large at Epcot (seriously, it was about 2 football field’s long), and it was full of food and drinks. There was a live band that was pretty good and played all sorts of popular music, and we got to meet and talk with all kinds of people. I don’t drink hard alcohol so I stuck with water, but I recognized some pretty high-class labels out there, and the food was amazing! It didn’t have just desserts either (which is great since I’m not a big sweets type of gal), so I stuck with the prime rib slices and exotic cheeses. Yum!

I’m not usually someone who is comfortable at events like this, but when you’re at Disney World, how can you not feel happy even if you are outside of your comfort zone? While this isn’t an event I would have considered before, I’m so glad we got the chance to go.  I feel so honored that we were given the chance to experience something we never would have been able to otherwise, so I would like to give a huge Thank You to Walt Disney World and Chase for our magical night!

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