‘Tis the time of year for stressing over finding cute but inexpensive gifts for people. Specifically, for me, it’s the kids’ teachers and the staff at their wonderful school, because if I include every person who makes a difference in their lives, I’m pushing 20 people. I wish I could afford $50 gift cards for each of them, but reality means I have to rely on creativity over $$$. So, I poked around the dollar store last month, and I found a few things that I thought I could put together to make something fun.

I bought some white liquid hand soap and some ribbon, and when I got home I gathered the google eyes and construction paper I had…

This was so easy to do, and I think all together it cost me maybe $2 to make.

This was the soap I used:

I left the front label intact, and I peeled the back on off so there would be the blank space for putting his face on:

The good thing about this was the label left some residual stickiness, and the nose and mouth stuck to the bottle without using anything extra. I debated using black cutouts for eyes too (I did his mouth with black construction paper and a hole punch), but I thought the google eyes gave him a more silly look (good for teachers), so for those I used hot glue just to be sure they stayed on.

Well, there it is. Easy, inexpensive, fun to make, and something the teachers can use in the classroom or at home. Also, a few people have pointed out that with a few teeth, he could end up looking very much like a certain Disney snowman we all know… That could be fun too!