Disney Movies

With my dad in the hospital this past week, I wasn’t able to prepare activities for the kids like I usually do. I was so pressed for time, and my anxiety was so high, I really wasn’t able to do what I wanted for them. However, I did want to provide some sort of normalcy for them and give them some quality time too, I so pulled out my favorite Disney movie , Snow White.

With the kids at such different points in their lives, sometimes it’s hard to find a movie that will hold both of their interests. The Older is 8 and, “too old for princesses. Plus, kissing is gross!” and The Younger is bored by “real people” and anything that doesn’t have at least one cartoon character or computer animated things. For some reason though, any and all Disney movies will hold their attention. I can always count on laughter and good times when we watch Disney movies! (Although, to be honest, if there’s kissing, The Older will still cover his eyes with a loud, “Ew, gross!”).

Since I didn’t have time to sit with them and watch a full movie, I read through Disney’s movie night tips and picked a few I knew they’d have fun with. They loved the idea of making their own movie tickets and ‘selling’ refreshments! That was a game all in itself, and it was nice to have them play together and enjoy the whole experience.

There are so many great Disney movies out there, I can’t even keep up. I have thought about joining the Disney Movie Club recently, especially since they have a deal offering 4 Disney DVDs for $1.00 total with free shipping and handling. We’re trying to cut costs as a family, but to me this is totally worth it, especially since the kids love the movies! It will actually end up saving us money and give us a great activity to do as a family. I’m all about that!