Sneak preveiw of Breaking Dawn

Okay, so I’m not twelve, but is there really an age limit when it comes to the Twilight Saga?

I think not.

So, when a friend asked me if I wanted to go with her to see the sneak preview of Breaking Dawn , I jumped on it! The showing was run by Summit (obviously), and started at 7pm. I got in line at 5pm with my friend who had been there since 4:30pm, and we were about 20 people in. It was actually nice and orderly, and I enjoyed my time in line catching up with her.

We got searched for electronic devices before we were able to even get down the hall with the showing, which was fine with me because they didn’t care about the diet Coke and assorted snacks I had in my purse, and my friend had taken our phones/iPad/Nook to the car. We got in the theater and had to sit “California style,” (meaning we all had to fill in the rows top to bottom based on how we entered the theater) which although people grumbled and moaned, it was the best idea to keep some of the more annoying excited guests from getting truly obnoxious overzealous. They did the usual Twilight trivia for prizes (I got a sticker and a poster, but I haven’t told anyone yet because that would mean I’m one of “them”), and then they started the show.

I don’t want to ruin it for people before they see it, so I will just bullet point a few things I noticed so I don’t give anything away:

  • Kristen Stewart does have more than one facial expression in this movie. In fact, I really liked her in this one!
  • I’m very pleased with how tasteful The Scene was done (you know which one I mean if you’ve read the book/know anything about what’s happening in this movie).
  • The evolving of “the situation” was very very very well done. It had all the elements of desperation, pure love, and fear. My only complaint is that I wish they had gone in to Rosalie’s fierce protection a bit more.
  • I wish so much that one of the scenes was done differently. It ruined that whole section of the movie for me because I couldn’t stop laughing in embarrassment at how they did it. I’m sure the critics are going to rip it apart.

There is, of course, a lot more I want to say, but I won’t because I know the majority of people are seeing it at midnight tomorrow. HAPPY WATCHING!!!!!