Cypress Forest Splash Pad

My mom’s group met at the Cypress Forest Recreation Center and hit the splash pad. It was hot, so the kids appreciated the water, and we appreciated the pavilions with the shade! I had been to the splash pad once before, but this time was better because The Younger had friends her own age to play with, and there were no birthday parties to crowd the water.

The kids had a ball! They shot each other with ‘water guns,’ played with the sand toys we brought along, and of course ran just for the sake of running!

This is a cute splash pad, but it is pretty small. The parking is $5 too, which I find steep, but there is a nature preserve in the back and picnic tables to eat lunch at if you want. I think when the weather cools down a bit, it will be a great place to spend the day with the family!

Field of Dreams

The Older had a wonderful opportunity with the Tampa Bay Yankees last night; he got to go on the field, run the bases, and then hit the field with the players for the National Anthem. The team has Field of Dreams events like this for the little league teams in the area, and it was a fantastic time!

Here he is running the bases:

(The Younger got to run the bases too, which was nice)

After they ran the bases, it was time to take the field! The kids got to line up, then they were assigned a player to go on the field with for the National Anthem.

This is my favorite picture (that I was able to capture. I missed the one of the three outfielders giving him high-fives).

It was a fantastic day, and I cannot stress enough how wonderful events like this are. This team and all the staff at the stadium are so friendly, and the kids always end up having a wonderful time. If you are in the area and love baseball, please try to get to a game. You won’t be sorry!

Water Balloon Fun

I will be back to my regular posting after this week. Until then, here’s another older post of mine that I hope inspires some fun time with the kids.

It was such a hot day, I decided to forgo my “lesson” and let the kids have some old-fashioned fun playing with water balloons. I picked up a pack at The Dollar Store the other day and was happy that they were on hand so I didn’t have to load everyone up and go to the store.

After about a year of my life passing before getting a pile of balloons large enough to make the whole thing worthwhile, we headed out to the middle of the yard to toss them back and forth.

I thought we may have to “teach” The Younger how to play, but she got right into it, tossing the balloons so they landed right at The Older’s feet. As you can tell by the picture, that isn’t exactly how he wanted it to go, but that’s okay.

The Older got a bit excited when his turn came around and didn’t understand why we couldn’t smash the balloons into the body of his sister, but she didn’t seem to mind at all when he actually hit her…

… which ended up being a good thing, because she got soaked.

They had a great time, and I laughed so hard I actually fell over twice. The kids were wet, happy, and tired by the time we were done, and I considered the activity a complete success. If you get a chance, head out and toss some water balloons. I can guarantee you’ll at least get a chuckle out of it!

Outdoor Bowling

My computer crashed, and all my pictures, blog posts, writing, etc., are gone. Until I can figure out what I’m going to do, I’m going to repost some older posts. They’ll still focus on the theme of this blog: Fun with the kiddos!

Today we did an outdoor game that both kids could participate in; we did some bowling outside! I took empty water bottles (any size will do, but I used 2 liter-sized), filled them with a little sand so they wouldn’t blow over, and then let the kids “bowl.” I let The Younger stand closer than The Older, but he was surprisingly okay with that. To add to the fun, we kept score on a chart made out of chalk on the driveway. They loved marking down their score almost as much as they loved bowling!

This was really easy to set up and clean up, and they were entertained for quite a while. I love easy and fun :-)

Zephyr Park- Water Play

I wanted to revisit one of my posts from last summer. I know the local kids are out for summer vacation, and I wanted to remind people about this place.

I packed the kids up early this morning and headed out to have some water fun. I decided to hit the Zephyr Water Park from my earlier post and experience my very first splash park ever. I didn’t know what to expect, so I was pretty excited.

When we first arrived, there was no water in the splash area. None. I was so disappointed! But, since I was there, I decided to scope out the park anyway and let the kids play on the playground. Not a bad spot!

The playground, though small, was shaded and had enough to do to keep both The Younger and Older occupied.

After about an hour, another family arrived. To my surprise, they walked into the splash area and turned the water on themselves! Score! Apparently the park likes to save water and energy; another huge plus for me.

They had an absolute blast. There was so much laughter and shrieking, I was amazed the wildlife hung around. They never tired of the spray, and I loved watching them find different ways to play.

After they tired out, we had a picnic at one of the park benches by the lake.

We must have sat there for an hour just enjoying the views and each other. They even got to feed some of the birds that stopped by.

I would absolutely recommend this park. You can’t beat the price (remember, it’s FREE ), and there’s a lot to do besides play in the water. Next time, we’re bringing our bikes to bike around the pond.