Walt Disney World: Epcot Change Revealed!

I love Disney. I admit it; I’m addicted to going. I find the escape from reality so worth the drive, and I’m always so happy and refreshed after a visit.

This time we went to Epcot, the International Flower & Garden Festival was going on. I’ve never been lucky enough to see the event, so I was thrilled! I’m a huge fan of flowers and gardening in general, so I was in my element. I loved seeing the characters revealed in such creative ways, and the kids had a ball pointing out all the different topiary.

We started at the front of the park and walked through the Fairy Garden while it wasn’t blazing hot, and we got a ‘sneak peak’ at the new fairy movie that’s coming out this fall. The Younger and The Older were equally impressed, and that’s saying a lot!

From there we went to the butterfly garden, and it was great! It so happens that The Older is studying the life cycle of the butterfly in school, so this was wonderful for him.

After this, it was time for lunch already! We tried a new dining experience this time, and I’m glad we did. We ate at the Coral Reef Restaurant , and it was a nice change from our usual German place. The kids loved being able to watch the fish and sharks while we ate, and I loved that they were entertained the whole time.

Then it was time to tour the worlds! Honestly, this is my favorite thing to do with the kids. They have the , and I love it! It’s basically a big scavenger hunt with cell phones they provide, and all sorts of secret things happen as you go through the park (think making wind chimes move, smoke appear around a Bonsai tree, making animated birds move, water spout out of ponds). It’s like magic inside magic, and the kids love it. Admittedly The Older is getting a bit bored of it because we’ve done it so often, but I make him do it anyway ;-) The Younger is interested but doesn’t “get it” yet, so I tell him we need to do it for her, not me, LOL! BUT, here’s where the reveal is: They are changing the adventure in June! I am so excited! They’re switching from Kim Possible to a Phineas and Ferb subject line, and they’re going to be changing most of the hidden secrets! The Daddy and I have already planned our date to go back at the end of June so we can do this, and I’m counting down the days.

We stayed all day, and then we watched the sunset from Norway where we completed our last mission. It was a wonderful day, and I’m so thankful that we got to spend such so much time together as a family.


When I was a kid, Epcot bored me to tears. I guess, after the magic of The Magic Kingdom and all it’s Mickey Mouse splendor, learning about technology couldn’t really compete in my mind. However, my kids love Epcot, and now I think it’s one of the best Disney parks (they can all be the best, can’t they?).

We like to hit the park before it even opens, though I think we only manged to do that one time this past year. No matter, because I usually plan out our visit beforehand, and I give credit to The Official Home of the Unofficial Guide Touring Plans . I bought the book when we received our season passes, and then downloaded the free app on my Android. Once I saw that I could get real-time line waits and information about crowds, I bought the year subscription to the site and have never been sorry! It’s great because I personalize our trip, print it out with a map, and then I don’t have to worry about it at all.

By far, my favorite ride is Soarin’ . Wow! It engages all the senses, and I cannot wait until The Younger is tall enough to ride it! Even for me, a person who is not thrilled with heights, this is a truly amazing adventure. We always make sure to get to The Land Pavilion first (along with 80% of the park guests, it seems) to grab a FastPass before they’re all gone. Then we ride the Living with the Land boat ride (admittedly, this is completely amazing to me since my hydroponic garden seems to grow weeds and not much else), see The Circle of Life movie which is a great piece on how we affect the environment and brings me to tears every time, and then we hit the rest of the park in the order which I have mapped out… Usually.

We spend the majority of our time at Innoventions , which is fine by me. It’s indoors and air conditioned! Actually, I love it because both kids can play and explore and learn here, and they have a great time together.

They made their own paper this day. The Older has his in his room, and he’s waiting for ‘something special’ to put on it. The Younger, however, decided to stamp the tar out of it.

The best thing about Epcot is that it’s great for all ages. There’s something for everyone, and there are things to do for adults and children so there is no boredom (or minimal anyway). I’ve also never stood on line for more than 15 minutes, and a lot of the rides had no lines at all. Can’t be that at The Magic Kingdom, that’s for sure!